People of Rock and Roll

Wrist bands from the rail - London Stadium 23th June 2018

I'd never thought I could make it to the rail, especially because I've got arthritis in my knees for 20+ years... then we made it ... then I saw a video on twitter how we ran to get to the rail... it looked crazy... but I could get there and enjoy the Night #2 of London 2018

I love you guys. You are the best live band.

I wish you Happy 25th Anniversary for 2020.

Please, come to London and celebrate here with your UK fans too. It is time to repeat the Wembley Stadium show. This is the best time to return to that place. (I had ticket to the 2015 Wembley show, but Dave broke his leg...) Please, come back to play Wembley again. It would be a dream come true event of my life.

Thank you for everything... for being awesome, for bringing joy every day with music. x